Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Are you interested in sprucing up your kitchen to become something you truly deserve? Why not create kitchen cabinets that fill that purpose? At Cardea Cabinets we have a staff of experienced designers who can create custom made kitchen cabinets or recreate the existing cabinets in your home. With our years of experience designing custom cabinetry, we can guide you in determining precisely what you want in your home that will fit your needs and your personality and décor.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Are you one of those homeowners who has everything they need in their bathroom except space to put everything in? Are you tired of struggling to find a place for everything you use in the bathroom and putting half of it outside in a hallway cabinet or pantry? For once, wouldn’t you like to do everything you need without leaving to get a towel, makeup, or some other item? Cardea Cabinets can make that happen because it’s not a matter of the space you have, it’s how you use it.

Custom Media Centers/Custom Entertainment Centers

Whether you already have or want to create an entertainment center in your home, the chances are good that the television will be at the center of that unit. It’s only natural that everything else, whether it’s a CD player, radio, and other features, will revolve around that. As a result, nearly everyone has the makings of a natural entertainment center in their home. The good news in all this is that despite these standard features, everyone can have an entertainment center that is as unique as they are, expressing their personalities and family. We have not only the design and technical experience to create just such a unit in your home, an entertainment center that performs the aesthetic, as well as the functional needs that are unique to you.

Custom Bookcases

It’s been said that people are who their bookcases reflect them to be. For this reason, everyone should have custom bookcases that show off their book collection and reveal who they are. Cardea Cabinets has been creating custom bookcases for all the storage areas a homeowner might need.

Custom bookcases are the perfect addition to nearly every room of your home, whether you want something grand for your family room, study, or living room, or maybe something smaller for a specialty collection such as for your kitchen.

Hardwood Countertops

As many options as homeowners have today to finish their countertops, one of the most popular remains the hardwood varieties. One of the reasons for this is that hardwood is to easy to adapt to so many different rooms. Whether it’s a kitchen, an office, a television room, or playroom, hardwood countertops are a perfect and attractive alternative to other options. Not only that but at Cardea Cabinets we offer more than 30 different wood species to choose from. Whatever your tastes may dictate, we are sure to have something to fit your needs. Come in today to see how we can help.